Praziquantel for Humans


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pharmachologic effect Praziquantel for Humans:

It is highly effective for the treatment of schistosomiasis (diseases caused by parasitic worms – trematodes) and trematodozov (human diseases caused by flatworms).
The mechanism of action of praziquantel is important to increase his influence the permeability of cell membranes of parasites for calcium ions. The drug causes a reduction in the parasite musculature, passing in spastic paralysis (persistent reduction).
Quickly absorbed by ingestion. Peak plasma concentration occurs after 1-2 hours. Rapidly metabolized (is changing) and displays up to 80% as metabolites


trematodozov Treatment (human diseases caused by flatworms / worms /), including schistosomiasis (diseases caused by parasitic worms, flukes), as well as infections caused by liver and lung fluke.

Mode of application:

Before you assign patient drug to determine sensitivity to the hair that caused the disease in this patient. Set individually, taking into account the type of pathogen. When helminthiasis (diseases caused by parasitic worms) caused Schistosomahaematobitum (the causative agent of urinary schistosomiasis), administered in a vine of 0.04 g / kg of body weight once a day 1 (day treatment). When helminthiasis caused Schistosomamansoni (pathogen parasitic in the veins of the abdominal cavity) and Schistosomaintercalatum (the causative agent of intestinal schistosomiasis), administered at a dose of 0.04 g / kg 1 time a day or 0.02 g / kg 2 times a day (day treatment) . Helminthiasis caused Schistosomajaponicum (pathogen parasitic in the veins of the liver and abdomen) and Schistosomamekongi, administered at a dose of 0.03 g / kg two times a day (day treatment). In appointing prazik-vantela patients with schistosomiasis, accompanied uncomplicated hepatic insufficiency or hepatosplenomegaly (simultaneous significant increase in liver and spleen), it should be noted that as a result of reducing the intensity of metabolism (degradation) of the drug in the liver can be more prolonged circulation of unchanged drug in the blood in high concentrations . If necessary, treatment of these patients is recommended in the hospital (hospital).
When helminthiasis caused by fluke Clonprchissinensisi Opisthorchisviverrini, administered at a dose of 0.025 g / kg 3 times a day (day treatment). When helminthiasis caused Paragonimuswestermanii other subspecies, prescribe a dose of 0.025 g / kg 3 times a day (two days of treatment).
The interval between two doses of the drug should be not less than 4 and not more than 6 hours. Tablets are recommended to be taken without chewing with a small amount of liquid, preferably after a meal.
If patients with schistosomiasis or trematodozov live or previously lived in areas where cysticercosis is endemic, their treatment should be performed in a hospital (hospital).

Side effects

Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain; headache; pruritus, urticaria; fever; rarely -dezorientatsiya in space and time.
Side effects most likely to occur and / or are more intense in patients with massive helminthic invasion (introduction into the human animal nature parasites – worms).


Pregnancy (Itrimestr); Hypersensitivity to the drug. During the period of lactation (breastfeeding) in short-term therapy the drug should avoid breastfeeding during treatment and during the following 48 hours after the end of treatment. Patients, whose activity is connected with the necessity of a quick reaction and the concentration of high reactivity should be careful while taking praziquantel.
The drug should be used cautiously with patients with ocular cysticercosis (a disease caused by the larvae of pork tapeworm).

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This medicine is available simply with your doctor’s prescription.

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